Illuminating Function to Understand Disease

Explore the central role of cell-cell communication in immuno oncology and hear valuable insights from leading scientists around the globe.

Transforming cancer research

Understanding how cells communicate directly in clinical samples is crucial for cancer research. It represents a new layer of functional data that will enable scientists to ask and answer questions in an unprecedented way.

Get direct insights about cancer biology

TME – Tumor microenvironment

When a tumor suppresses the immune system, the communication patterns can become highly convoluted, involving a multitude of cell types and signaling pathways constantly evolving over time. To accurately identify the mechanisms behind the tumor’s progression and immune evasion it is critical to map out the cell-cell communication landscape between the tumor, stroma, and immune cells. This can drastically improve prediction of disease outcomes and the impact of targeted therapies.

TLS – Tertiary lymphoid structures

Tertiary lymphoid structures facilitate interactions between immune cells, creating an organized immune microenvironment. Their presence is increasingly shown to improve patient outcome. Understanding the workings of cell-cell communication within TLS is paramount to comprehending their role in immune responses. By delving deeper into the signaling pathways within TLS, we can uncover key immune regulation mechanisms and develop targeted therapies that boost immune response.

Tumor + T cell interaction

The biology of T cells is all about communication and so are the most common immuno oncology drugs. To fully comprehend the complex immune response against tumors, it is crucial to understand how receptors and ligands constituting co-stimulatory and co-inhibitory signals interact. By gaining a deeper insight into the interactions between tumor cells, antigen-presenting cells, and T cells, scientists can identify potential therapeutic targets and develop new immunotherapies to effectively combat cancer.